Compress server are 99.9% uptime. First European Alternative to Google Analytics. Host in France.


Updated at: 2023-08-28.

Compress is a SAAS start-up that specializes in web tracking analytics. It prides itself on offering a private service that does not track IP addresses, do fingerprint recognition, or use cookies. This innovative approach guarantees user privacy while providing accurate and reliable analytics.

Compress is aimed at companies that want to track their online activity without compromising the privacy of their customers. Thanks to its sophisticated algorithm, Compress can provide detailed information about the behavior of your website visitors, such as the most visited pages, the time spent on each page, the sources of traffic, etc.

Compress offers a user-friendly and easy-to-use interface, which allows users to view real-time data and create custom reports with just a few clicks. With Compress, businesses can make informed decisions and optimize their online presence without sacrificing customer privacy.

Compress is compilation of lot of PHP script, JS and CSS. We went through web interface design. Throughout the year we raise bugs on current software. When we have time we solve these problems and propose our answers. Compress is the perfect example.

Compress is hosted by OVH at Roubaix, France.